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Spartan becomes Lambs. New name, same technology!

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Our story

Don't like your first pair? It's on us!


In our connected and urban societies, sources of aggression are multiplying: air pollution, junk food, bacteria, and especially electromagnetic pollution.

Men are becoming aware of these aggressions. We are protecting ourselves by using facial and body creams, organic food, anti-perspirant and anti-bacterial deodorants.

We are the first brand to include our clothing in this trend of self-preservation, by developing an anti-radiation, anti-microbial and breathable fabric.

Our beginnings

It took us months to develop our product with the help of material engineers, electromagnetic wave researchers and stylists.

We have validated that the need to protect fertility was shared by many people, because we launched several successful crowdfunding campaigns.

After setting up in the world's largest incubator - Station F - we raised funds that allowed us to further improve the quality of our products.

Our ambitions

We want to add a new reference in the clothing and underwear market: clothes that allow you to live longer and better.

To meet these ambitions, we are settling in Los Angeles in January 2019, to be surrounded by the best, and to be at the heart of the American market.

One of our goal is to develop new product lines in the coming months. Stay tuned.