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Our technology, inspired by NASA suits

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About our anti-radiation action

The silver in our fabric prevents radiation from reaching your cherries. The WaveStopper technology has been tested and certified by the MET Laboratory, Baltimore, and we block over 99% of cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation.

What is EMF ?

EMF, which stands for Electromagnetic Field, is a continuous field produced by electrically charged objects. It is propagated at the speed of light in a wave-like pattern and this propagation is called electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic fields can be produced naturally: even your body is producing a low intensity EMF. However, tech-made EMF, such as those used by cellphones, are much more intense and can cause health risks.

Different types of EMF

There are different types of electromagnetic radiation depending on the way they propagate. This difference is measured by their wavelength or by their frequency. High wavelength radiation such as those used in radio have a low frequency and convey small amounts of energy, while low wavelength radiation such as X-ray have a high frequency and are highly energetic.

Is it dangerous ?

The higher the frequency, the better the field will penetrate the skin, interact with cells and genetic material. Thus, the risk to health increases with the frequency. For exemple, X-rays are very-high-frequency variation and are highly carcinogenic. Microwaves have a little lower frequency, and can pose a significant health risk at medium and long term.

For several years, we have been constantly exposed to high intensity microwaves produced by cellphones, WIFI and bluetooth. It’s even more concerning when you think that cellphones are usually put in the pockets, right next to our private parts, exposing them to very high levels of microwaves.

Even if there’s no scientific consensus for the moment, the great majority of studies show that microwaves can have dramatic effects on male fertility:

- Larik RSA et al., 2017 : « Exposure of human sperm to wi-fi internet connected with laptop causes decrease of the motility and increases the DNA fragmentation »

- Argawal et al., 2009 : « Sperm viability was significantly lower in exposed samples compared with unexposed samples. »

How does Wavestopper protect you ?

Electromagnetic radiation cannot pass through holes in conductive material which are smaller than their wavelength. This way, it is possible to shield an object from EMF by surrounding it with a conductive wire-mesh like our Wavestopper Technology.

When encountering this electromagnetic shield, the radiation induces a displacement of electrons inside the conductive material, which causes, in return, the radiation to be reflected to the outside instead of going inside the shielding.

We used this scientific fact to make our Wavestopper fabric : the silver inside the cotton is sewed in order to act as a wire-mesh and shield what’s inside from EMF. This technology was certified by the same laboratory that certifies NASA spacesuits : the test results state that our fabric blocks 99% of microwaves, which includes wifi radiation, bluetooth, and cellphone radiation.

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Heat-regulation action

Stay fresh all day long with our most breathable underwear. When worn against the skin, silver interacts with its natural conductivity, providing the most benefits for temperature imbalance.